Life with Lindsay

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Well where do I begin, I’m Lindsay and I am die hard Cowboys fan, let’s a great start right and if you disagree with that then you might not want to hang out with me on Sunday’s! Radio is on my one true love and I’ve lived all over because of it, 8 states in 10 years as matter of fact, and that’s a whole other podcast topic to get into but I love to travel, obviously right lol! I naturally gravitated towards radio because I love to talk, imagine that! I am one of those people that tells it like it is but then I’ll give you a hug after, because contrary to popular belief I do have a BIG heart lol! I love all sports, but football is definitely my favorite, and yes I’m that girl that yells at the TV and you should leave me alone for at least an hour if we lose, that’s what happens when you are a coaches daughter! Being single always gives me something to talk about, so feel free to call in to the show so we can be each other’s therapists, because we all need it in this dating game of 2020 especially when Tinder exists!! I am a dog person so much so that I go to pet stores just to pet other people’s dogs because I currently don’t have one! I love all country music but Miranda is definitely my favorite, I feel like she writes music about my life!! I lived in Nashville for two years and met so many talented musicians and just completely engulfed the country scene and I miss it to be honest, which is also another podcast for another day! That about sums up what Life with Lindsay the show is about really it’s just REAL, real life relatable topics! Follow the show and me on social media, because I’m a free spirit and I follow back and it’s guaranteed to be a good time!