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  • Big D & Bubba
    Big D & Bubba

    Weekdays 5am – 10am

  • Harry Mann
    Harry Mann

    Weekdays 10am – 3 pm

  • Lumberjack Jim
    Lumberjack Jim

    Weekdays 3pm – 7pm Two things that Lumberjack Jim always loved growing up were farming and the radio.  Now thanks to you, he is living the dream on Bigfoot Country Legends.  Along with his wife Holly Woods and their daughter Grace, his life is full of Family, Farming & Country Music!  What more could a man ask for?

  • Holly Woods
    Holly Woods

    Weekdays 7pm – 12am Hi there! My name is Holly! I love Jesus, my family, my farm and RADIO! (In that order.) As a wee one, I would tape a flexi-straw to my cheek and pretend it was a microphone, then I upgraded to my sister’s TalkBoy, so you could say I was destined for radio! My Daddy is a Seger fan, my Mama loves Patsy Cline, my husband loves STP and I land somewhere in the middle! I believe that good music should either move you or make you move!

  • Weekend Lineup
    Weekend Lineup

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